Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Whether or not the actual season has made it back into you life, Spring is the perfect time for airing out the house and finally cleaning the baseboards behind your bathroom door.  
One of my favorite Spring cleaning chores is washing the outside of my windows.  I love letting all the sunshine come through my windows without bouncing off winters hand prints first.

Real Simple has a super plan for Spring cleaning.  They have 10 plans to choose from based on how much you have to clean and how long you want to spend.  So cool!  I really like the Streamlined Spring Cleaning Plan- probably because windows are first!  Hop on over here to find the best cleaning plan for you.

What Spring cleaning task gets you in the mood to get your home sparkling?


Liz said...

cool- this is awesome!

christy said...

i must admit we regularly, and frequently clean only the insides of our windows. i am a bit freaked about the outside!

Becky said...

this is so cool - thanks liz!!!!

Ellen on the go said...

here is an old military secret I learnde from Dad,the best shine you will ever get is by using brown paper bags. It works every time.

Lizzy/The Tip Spot said...

Great TIP Mom. Thanks for sharing. I've tried newspaper but don't like how it dissolves. And you can recycle the bags when you're done.