Thursday, April 10, 2008

Birthday Party Planning

So birthday party planning makes me a bit anxious. In order for me to enjoy the party I throw, I have to start months in advance and do a little bit at a time.

When I got an ice cream maker for Christmas, I immediately thought how perfect an ice cream themed party would for my daughter. She agreed and the planning began.
  • Two months ago, my craft store was clearing out invitations and I found a set I could alter a bit for 80 cents!!
  • Last month we mapped out the activities (I prefer crafts to games) and the take home item.
  • Last week I ordered/bought necessary supplies.
  • This week we have been doing one small thing each day (coloring ice cream cones on the cups and napkins, making the ice cream) to get ready for our party on Saturday.
This system helps me save money and my sanity. And I actually enjoy the party. Imagine that!

How do you make birthday parties less stressful/more fun?

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