Monday, April 28, 2008

Call for budget tips

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Budgeting is really about what works for you. Cash only, meticulous calculating, winging it...whatever if may be. We would love to hear from YOU about what budget tips help you save more, spend less and hit that big giant money bulls eye. Post your tip as a comment, and we'll spotlight a few.


Sarah said...

First off here is a website I heard about that helps people calculate the percentages of their expenditures:

Jay and I read a book called "smart couples finish rich" that gave us some great tips. One of the tips is to cut out the "latte factor." This includes eating out excessively, picking up random "me" goodies, etc. We try really heard not to splurge on these items unless we justify them. The "latte factor" can really add up and save you lots of money each week and each month.

We also put aside some of our income into a money market, this way we forget about it and are saving for our future. Finally, we try not to keep too much extra money in our checkings where the money is just hanging out instead we try to put into something more competitive such as an ira or money market.

Rachel and Tyler said...

We are crazy budgeters-we kind of have to be right now. Anyway one thing that really helped us was to give us all personal budgets. It's not much but now at the begining of the month we get out cash for our personal budget and we can save it or spend it. We don't say anything about how it is spent. This helps us not buy impulsively and we still feel like we have a little play money.