Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Appointment Needed!

grab a handful of rubberbands and a few clips, and don't forget your comb (NOT a brush, that is a weapon) and go sit in front of your child for some private hairdressing time! this is not just for girls you know, i just spent 15 minutes of computer time getting my hair worked over by haven and caleb! after your child works on you, consider teaching some skills that come in handy here, for example: combing from the bottom of the hair to the top, a basic braid or even a ponytail. your child can then spend some time practicing on a doll or even a sibling ( bribery might be necessary here!) to master some of these new skills! best of all your child is in charge, and will love all the close time spent with you!


Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

great idea sis!

Dana said...

I have Sydnie do this all the time. She loves to brush my hair, and I love to have my hair brushed (as long as it's not getting tied in knots).