Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Black Lagoon Series-By Guest Tip Mom Sarah

Mike Thaler is the author of the hilariously funny Black Lagoon Series. These books which are geared towards second grade readers are full of riddles and quirky word plays. The series includes books such as "The Teacher from the Black Lagoon," "The Librarian from the Black Lagoon," "The Dentist from the Black Lagoon" (my favorite since my husband is a dental student) and many more. There is also a new series out which is for emerging chapter readers called the black lagoon adventures. This series includes titles such as "The Field Day from the Black Lagoon" and "The Talent Show from the Black Lagoon." These books will have your child laughing and more importantly keep him/her reading!!

I love these books since they are a good way of introducing idioms. Other books I would recommend using in tandem with these books include:

Parts, More Parts and Even More Parts by Tedd Arnold
Amelia Bedelia series by Peggy Parish


christy said...

my 2nd grader loves these stories! we found a compilation of the first 7 at a discount bookstore, and he reads them all the time. his favorite parts: the silly captioned drawings!

kristenita said...

we LOVED amelia bedelia as little kids (and still do). I will have to check out the Black Lagoon Series!