Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lap Activity: Sticker Time

Abel practicing his very fine motor skills

One of the first art projects I remember doing with Afton when she was a toddler was putting stickers on a toiler paper tube. She loved it so much we hung it from her door way for a few weeks and she called it "pretty" every time she woke up.
Stickers are such easy fun and so many surfaces are begging to be covered with 'em. Try one of these next time your want some quiet, low mess fun:
  • Decorate a water bottle
  • Cover a TP or PT tube and make a telescope or horn
  • Make a box into something new with sticker art
  • Start a sticker book using a small notebook
Older kids can:
  • Make flash cards using the same color or theme of stickers
  • Design a puzzle by putting stickers on card stock and cutting into large pieces
  • Write a story using stickers in place of some of the words

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