Thursday, May 22, 2008

Name the Guest Blogger Contest

Christy and I have had fun coming up with zippy little names for out blog. Things like Zip Tip! and Tippin' Tuesday make us incredibly happy. But we just cannot crack a name for our guest blogger. So we're turning it over to you. Here's the deal:

  1. Think up an awesomely fantastic title for our guest blogger
  2. Leave each name suggestion as a comment
  3. Enter as many times as you like
  4. Win a set of Christy's funky fresh fridge magnets (pictured above)
  5. Contest ends Monday, May 26, so enter by Monday at Midnight!


Lisa said...

Ok, I have been thinking...

Spot-light (my fav)
A New View
A Fresh Perspective
Vantage Point
A Spot of... (then fill in the blank each week)

There's a start anyway.

The Favorite said...

I admit that I googled "Cute Guest Blogger Names" and didn't come up with much. But, on one of the things, totally unrelated, I saw
"Cupcake with Sprinkles" and I thought the sweet Guest blogger is the cupcake and the sprinkles are the good things they share.

I'm still working on it...

Briste said...

Oh I like Lisa's idea of "a spot of...". The "spot-light" is great too, it reminds me of the spotlight sister that we post for thr Releif Society Newsletter each month!

Shepherd Family ACAL said...

Tip Momma
Queen for the week...

kristenita said...

I know the contest has already ended... I've been so busy lately! but christy, remember I had a great idea for this & emailed it to you a while ago... shoot, now it's late & I can't remember what my idea was. maybe you ladies didn't like it anyway. ha!

oh yeah: "THE MOM SPOT" followed with "by tip mom ____________"
? was that it?
I think it was.

p.s. love the new heading bar - cute!

kristenita said...

(oh phew. I guess I was ok because I entered by midnight. I'm so busy I misread & thought that said enter by thursday, not monday... anyway.)

more ideas: