Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Tip Day!

we are welcoming a new spot today! and it's 3 cheers for you, because you gave it to us. so TA-DA!


you are so nice to us. all of you. and some of you are extra nice, and you have been sending us very useful tips. how very kind of you. we will now post every thursday, tips that you have given to us, or some very handy info we have gathered on our own and feel that you MUST know to continue on with your day. here we go!

thanks to reader amy who reminded us that your neighborhood REDBOX is a must stop! at $1 per movie per night, it's great for a quick flick fix. and it's even cheaper (try free) if you google REDBOX codes. these cute red movie vending machines can be found at local grocery stores and some mcdonalds. new to REDBOX? type in DVDONME during your checkout at the fancy REDBOX machine, and try it out for free!

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Sarah said...

check out

for regular free redbox codes! She posts them all the time!