Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tip Off Giveaway from PeachyLemon Jewelry

Hooray for giveaways! And hooray for cute funky bracelets! PeachyLemon Jewelry, a new Etsy shop, is giving away two bracelets to a lucky Tip Spot mama: one for her and one for her mama.

The first wave of beautiful, handmade bracelets, are inspired by the artists visit to Portugal. Inspired and designed and bought on locale.

Like this glass bead bracelet, inspired by Lisbon.

Or maybe, you'll love this summer ready bracelet, I know I do!

Or this hand painted ceramic beauty

So fun and cute and lots more options to see over at her Etsy site! Happy prices and happy designs...if you are still needing something perfect for your Mom, go pick out something.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on any of our posts from this week (Monday - Friday), Mom related comments are great but not necessary. You will be entered for each comment you leave, once on each post. So, leave comments galore! A random winner will be chosen on Monday, as we are late in getting this started, so get those comments in by Sunday 12:00 AM EST.

Thanks PeachyLemon Jewelry!!

*And we especially love this site because the artist is our very own mama!


Sarah said...

thank you to your momma. Happy early mother's day. I love these bracelets they are so fun and vibrant and of course colorful.

abbyjane said...

Love Jewelry, love this blog, hope I win!

kristenita said...

those are adorable!

SaraColorado said...

These are really cute! So, thinking of Mother's Day coming up, I get all emotional. We've just had some really hard news about my mother and her health. To think that this may be my mothers' last Mother's Day is too hard for my heart to fathom. Somehow, a card and a gift certificate to dinner just doesn't seem like enough this year. Since I live out of state, I've decided to go and be with her for a while...just me...her daughter. This way I figure we can both celebrate with "time together" being the gift. Happy Mother's Day.

The Favorite said...

Here's a mom tip for you:
My Mom Journal-
I lived with or near my mom for about 30 years so when we moved across the country last year I didn't get to see her as often as I liked. So I bought a little jornal and started to write down Mom Memories like when she would curl my hair every Sunday morning, or how I loved to listen to her sing around the home, and many other fun times we had while she raised 8 children and we all felt loved.
I gave it to her for Christmas, but took it back when we went home so I could keep writing in it. She LOVED it and it makes me so grateful for her and reminds me to be a better mom.
(The bracelets are all very beautiful)

Rachel said...

I am loving those bracelets! Does any one have any suggestions on chore chart ideas, allowance etc....

Briste said...

Fabulous! I love the color. What a great way to accessorize I know the spelling is off, but there is no spell check for comments!


Tara said...

I want my chance