Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tippin' Tuesday


i would like to share with you a very lovely person, who was shared with me by some of my lovely friends. michelle is a mama of 2 darling daughters, and of course crafty-crafty! she worked for several years in social work with her degree, and only recently has been revisiting her past love of design. she will be joining us for a one day only special-we are so lucky! and this amazing lady is in the throws of moving half-way across the country, so we are also very grateful for her sacrifice to help out one of our readers today. and of course, like ALL Tippin' Tuesdays, we would love your advice too!

eliza recently asked for some help regarding baby showers, gifts and other things that go along with the whole shower thing! and so without further ado. i give you michelle!


The Favorite said...

I'm so glad that Michelle is the Guest Mom of the week! I LOVE this woman!! We grew up in the same ward and she has such a great family. Good luck with the moving! (I'm also so happy that you got to answer my question.)

christy said...

i have 2 ideas for you: 1. i received a group gift of a baby jogger stroller for my first shower, and i loved it til it died (recently) and loved getting back into shape uber fast with it! and 2. for an activity at another shower all of the attendees wrote cute sayings and drew pictures on diapers (they found out my fave brand first) with permanent markers. when it was time to put on the size 1's i loved reading every silly and sweet saying, and laughed almost every time i changed caleb's little diaper! good times.