Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Family Bucket List


take a cue from a recent movie, and make your own "bucket list" of sorts, as a family. everyone takes turns telling what they have always wanted to do, and you make a list of it and start doing them! and seriously, minus the trip to disneyland (we don't love our children enough to take them!) the activities are usually cheap to free. you, as parents, can put in some things you did or wish you did growing up. some great ideas could be:

*learn all (or 7) constellations
*have a pj day, and hang out playing games ALL day
* eat dessert first, then entree OR dinner then breakfast
*plant a family garden--let your kids choose what they grow (even "shoelace trees", encourage silly!)
*everyone sleep outside, or everyone sleep in your room
*go to the movies in your pj's

get your brain in silly mode and ask your kids what they want. then post your list and start checking them off!


Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

this is a great way to have some free or mostly free fun this summer.

my kids decided they want to have a sleep over this summer.

Rachel said...

I love this idea!