Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Go Outside: letterboxing

Letterboxing, is an outdoor treasure hunt, where you follow clues to a hidden box in parks, on trials or other public places; then log your discovery by stamping into a notebook of your own and one inside the letterbox.

Read this introduction about letterboxing to get oriented into this fun outdoor activity.

Then go here or here and find clues to a letterbox in your area.

Fun ways to get your family going with this activity:
  • choose a special notebook and stamp to use on your letterbox adventures
  • search for a letterbox that isn't too far from home to begin with
  • learn a bit about the history of the area you will search in
I'm planning our first family letterbox outing this weekend. If anyone has gone, I'd love to hear some more tips!

1 comment:

christy said...

our family LOVES letterboxing! so much fun, and a little exercise too! if you are pretty crafty, you can make your own family stamp instead of purchasing one.