Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nutrition-On the Spot with Alanna

When I was nursing, I had to eat a lot to keep my milk supply high enough to feed my hungry baby. Ladies, this is the perfect time to lose some extra baby pounds!
Most people don't really realize what or how much they are eating unless they take the time to keep a journal for a couple of days. Get a little notebook and starting today, change your normal eating habits, but document do not everything you eat, the amount, and at what time you are eating it. Later in the week we will go over how to alter your diet to make it better. Having your food written down will help you to identify and admit to your trouble spots.
People waste so much time and money trying to find 'miracle' weight-loss methods but the truth is there is no secret; it is so simple. You must take in less calories than you burn every day. There are 35oo calories in a pound of fat, so every time you expel an extra 3500 calories you will lose a pound of fat. Or, if you eat 3500 extra calories above what you burn, you gain 1 pound. This can take place over any amount of time, if you will cut out one serving of goldfish crackers every day for a month, you can lose a pound (if you don't eat something else in its place). That's it! Seems simple enough; the hardest part of weight loss is having the discipline to stop eating junk.
Tip #2
Write a specific contract for yourself to stop eating unhealthy. Take small steps at a time and remove 1 bad habit a week until you change your lifestyle. Keep it on your fridge or pantry so you see it when you are tempted to cheat:

I Alanna, promise myself that I will not snack on swedish fish or sour patch kids and will have fresh vegetables and fruit to snack on when I get hungry. I will keep this contract so I can be a better example for my children. I also know that if I don't cheat I will feel better about myself physically and spiritually as I learn the value of discipline.

It is amazing how good you will be at keeping this contract if you really want to be healthier. You are strong and can do anything you put your mind to, don't sell yourself short, be the best you can be!!


Dick&Erica said...

since you specifically mention Goldfish crackers, I take this to heart. It seems like every time I walk in the kitchen, I come out with a handful of them, instead of real food. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anthony & Kristie said...

Alanna, I love your ideas. I am so glad you were chosen to give all the readers some tips. Keep the tips coming.

kristenita said...

remember ladies: while you are nursing your body NEEDS food! this is not a time to stop eating. like alanna said, you have to eat to keep your milk supply plentiful. AND, the best way to lose the baby pounds IS by nursing. your body is busy making milk (this takes about 500 calories a day!!) & burning up the weight that took 9-mo to put on while you made that Little One. so be patient... keep nursing... but also keep eating (smartly)...

my contract:
I kristen, promise to stop eating NEWMAN-Os as a snack when I am hungry. even if they are calling my name: I won't listen!! instead I will go for some fruit & cheese (a little protein & fat to go with my carbs) & a big glass of water! I also promise to eat more veggies.