Thursday, June 5, 2008

Random Tips From Your Kindness

This week reader dana sent in 2 great tips for kids. The first tip, is a very cute birthday plate. And while I love it, I have to say that for me it is on the spendy side. But I think buying only 1 and using it for every family members birthday with a saying like: Birthdays Rock! Or making it a plate for helping any day become a "special day", like getting great grades on the report card or achieving the next belt level in tae kwon do, with something like: You are Amazing! and now I think this plate, from mudpuddle, is amazing!

This second one is a set of personalized "a-b-c" style blocks, where the blocks spell out your (or someone else's ) child's name, using 2 sides of each block and then on the other sides the company can put poems, songs, birth info. almost anything. i think these are so sweet, you definitely have to see the storyblox. check them out!

Thanks for all the tips coming in!


Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

you could also make your own b-day plates with those special dishwasher safe markers. remember those plates we drew when we were kids Christy??

Dick&Erica said...

We do the Blue Plate Special. We have a nice blue plate that the celebrated person gets to use for dinner. I like it because it can be used for any occasion, not just birthdays.

Erika said...

You could easily make a personalized plate for less $ at one of those decorate your own pottery places. It's a cute idea!