Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Tips From Your Kindness

Our very resourceful Mom sent us a giant list of free or nearly free summer activities. Many of these I remember doing during the summers of my youth- after my chores were done of course!
  • Take a walk in a new part of your town
  • Have a stay at home picnic with friends
  • Go camping in your backyard (the grass eventually grows back, right Mom!)
  • Take a ride on your local bus (our Mom made us a bus scavenger hunt much fun!)
  • Watch airplanes take off and land at a close airport
  • Head over to those free summer concerts.
  • Dairy Queen!!
Thanks Mom for the super ideas! And since we're mentioning our Mom today...her Etsy site, peachylemonjewelry, is fully stocked with beautiful jewelry; including baby and children's bracelets. And if you would like something special (without special order pricing might I add) just send her a note and she can make it!

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