Friday, July 11, 2008

Become an Author/Illustrator Team

{Connor reading the book we wrote/illustrated together}

TIP: Write and illustrate books with your kids; it's a great way to bond over a common goal.

I have a dream of becoming an author of at least one children's book. The problem is that I don't have any fabulous ideas and I'm not a great writer. Plus I think it would be cool to illustrate my own book, but I'm not good at drawing or painting or collage or computer graphics.

So, I decided to adapt my dream and make it come true at home with my own kids. I have a long mental list of bedtime stories that my kids love to hear. They love them because they're true stories from my life. A few of them have become real favorites because they have humor, sound effects, a real climactic moment, or suspense.

I typed up one of our favorite Mommy bedtime stories and had my oldest son help me illustrate it; his drawings are much more interesting and colorful than mine. Now we are united as an author/illustrator team. We're working towards our very own Caldecott Medal!

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The Favorite said...

Thanks Laura for all the great tips! I too studied El Ed and appreciate making books with my kids. I found that at many stores you can buy plain white hard back books and they can write in and illustrate those and they are sturdier.
Thanks for the theme ideas and organizing tips too!