Monday, July 7, 2008

On the Go Games

TIP: Have a few on-the-go games in mind so that you can kick boredom.

We have a favorite on-the-go game that keeps everyone entertained and happy in the car, at the doctor's office, waiting in line, anywhere. I think we usually refer to it as the guessing game or the I'm thinking of... game; it's basically just 20 Questions, but we give more in our answers than yes/no because my kids are pretty young. We take turns thinking of something, giving clues, asking/answering questions, and guessing what it is.

The thing that makes our game a little different, is that we first choose a category. Animals is a favorite (you can specify habitat to make it more specialized). Construction Vehicles is another fun one. The possibilities are endless. You can give clues about a color, a letter, a number, a Thomas the Tank Engine character, a person you love, a place, a book, etc. Anything that you can give a few clues about and have your child guess it will work great.

* * * * *

Another game we play is the Alphabet Game. We start with A and think of a word or two or three that begins with each letter of the alphabet. All the way to Z. Simple. Fun. Educational.

We have also tried the Number Game. Think of things that come in 1's, 2's, 3's. (Ex. There is only one sun. People have two legs. There are three sides on a triangle. Etc.) I really had fun with this one and I think older kids would grasp it a little better than Connor did.

Now you have a couple of ideas to stick in your hat so that when your kids are bored, you can turn the whining into fun as you entertain them and stretch their minds!