Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School: the morning routine

My 2021 graduate!

Well my daughter started kindergarten this week (early I know!!) and I am quickly realizing that we need a fun way to get our morning must do's done. I think we'll start with a sticker chart option complete with little pictures of a tooth brush, a made bed and dressed girl. That way Afton can check her on her own what else needs to be done. Once a row, probably 3 days, gets filled up she can pick something from our family prize bucket.

While I have been brainstorming how I wanted to handle this morning program, I remembered some great ideas I have heard about or read:

  • Each morning a surprise waits inside a brown paper lunch bag for each child who has successfully gotten ready on their own. The surprise could be a treat, a TV coupon or the chance to choose the after school snack.
  • A ready-to-go kid gets to watch a small show, or play 15 minutes of computer time before school.
  • A week's worth of smooth mornings from a particular child is rewarded with choosing the weekend movie of family fun event.
I'm interested in your tips on getting kids ready for school (or for the day) with minimal Mom interruptions!

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Jeanette said...

For me, the best thing I ever did was make a list. My boys just don't seem to function on their own in the morning and I would find myself saying 25 times per kid "Did you brush your teeth?"

So I made a list
Get up
Make Bed
Eat Breakfast
Put dishes away
Put breakfast items away
get dressed
comb hair
brush teeth
check homework folder for missing items, completion
morning chore (Whatever they are responsible for that morning)
put on shoes
free time until 8:15
8:15 grab back packs, turn off lights
8:20 out the door

it has made our mornings so much smoother. Much more so than I ever would have expected.

PS thanks for stopping by my blog and bidding on an item =0)