Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to School: supplies

Lucky for me, kindergarten supplies don't cost that much. But I imagine families with multiple kids in school (Christy!!) can easily spend $100-150 on school supplies. Yikes! Here are a few ways to save some money on back to school supplies:

  1. Dig through last years supplies and your craft storage to see what you already have. Shiny new markers are cool, but not necessary.
  2. Scour the online and newspaper ads to find the best deals and sales. I saw a fill and save bag in my paper this weekend, and sale adds everywhere for crayons, glue and calculators.
  3. Hit the discount stores or store brands for classroom donation items.
  4. Swap supplies with a friend. This works especially well for calculators and other spendy items
If you don't have kids in school yet, this is the best time to stock up your craft caddy. Glue won't be 20 cents again for a year!


Shirley said...
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christy said...

i have a "follow the rules" tip. if your teacher requests a certain brand, please buy it. there is usually a reason. and from my years of school stuff purchasing, i usually find the name brand (like crayola) works better (like actually washes out of your clothes) and lasts longer.