Monday, August 11, 2008

Make This From That

you probably have a sheet or 2 (or 12) that are overstretched, or stained, or maybe just unloved, BUT instead of just taking up space with those folds of fabric, how about we have some fun with them? in our house fort building is big business, and my hubby uses his first degree (in engineering) to help the kids go crazy! in around an hour our playroom is turned into a brightly colored wonderland. some tips for the forts:
*make sure you "lock" sheets in place with some kind of anchor.
*anchors could be: nails, clothespins, stacks of books, a crevice between shelves etc.
*grab some pillows and books and have a beautiful setting for reading time!
another awesome use for old sheets, is to turn them into an art project by spray painting them. try a new way with a squirt gun @ familyfun. kids love to do this, and afterwards you can wash your sheets and turn them into a banner for more decorating or use them to build forts like we do!
and of course, you can turn the sheets into quilts, if they are still looking nice enough, but that's a little more on the work side of things. go have fun with all that excess bedding of yours!

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Vanessa said...

ohhhh we are so doing this soon!
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