Thursday, August 14, 2008

Make This From That!

after you finish up that bowl of cereal, turn your now empty box into an excellent magazine holder. follow the directions here, and decorate as they suggest or listen to your own muse. and fabulous martha has a similiar plan, plus ways to make pencil holders and other lovely containers for your loose bits. who doesn't need more of these around to store, well anything!

and if you choose the hot oatmeal option instead of the cold cereal, i haven't left you out! oatmeal canisters are one of the great creative gems. cover a cleaned-out can with a large piece of felt, then store cut out felt pieces in various themes and shapes inside, for on-the-go fun. OR cover with colored contact paper, and MOD PODGE if you'd like, then store kids scissors, or other crafty supplies in your new cute caboodle! and one of my fave's is to turn the can into a drum (of course cover it with material or one of the other options mentioned), and fill it with drumsticks, and other instruments, and your child has a rockin' band ready for a rainy day.

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