Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Make Your Own Decor

If you lean toward the crafting side, you likely have a healthy stash of fabric, paint, and paper supplies. It's pretty easy to put these leftovers to work for you in your house decor. Repaint this, cover that and you can whip up a new frame, an art display or embellish an existing something. I have a personal love for using stuff I already have to make something new. Here are a few things I have made lately:

The picture board on top was made from leftover fabric, foam board and stick pins. A Lizzy original!

I used up a whole bunch of fabric to cover these sticky bulletin board squares from Target.

A re-painted frame, more leftover fabric and some scrapbook chipboard letters colored with pastels made up the impromptu art piece in my play room.

Email us a photo and description of something you have made using materials on hand and we'll spotlight you!

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