Monday, January 12, 2009

Lizzy's Favorite Kitchen Tip

Every other Friday night is PANCAKE NIGHT at our house (the other Friday's are pizza night). To make the eating process a bit easier for the small hands at our house, I make the pancakes dippin' size. No cutting for me, no sticky forks for the kids. My folks called these silver dollar pancakes. I call them awesome!

To make your pancakes a bit healthier, add 1 cup of sweet potato puree. You can make your own puree or buy it canned. We call these "pumpkin" pancakes at our house.


Ellen on the go said...

You can add any berries,or chocolate chips for a little different flavoring also. They're great even cold as a little wrap. Pria always asked for pancakes when she stays over.Nice to know the tradition carries on.

Heidi Boos said...

What a fun idea! With a toddler and 10-month old, this would be perfect, especially since my 2-year old is into dipping. I really like the idea of dubbing one night of the week pancake night. Thanks for the idea!

The Conductor said...

Two fantastic ideas rolled up into one! I love them both. We're going to start a regular pancake night, and I'm going to ALWAYS make them silver dollar size! (Maybe I'll be able to sit down and eat WITH my family since I won't be cutting everyone's pancakes the whole time.) Thanks!!