Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Creative Play Room Storage

The ceiling of our current play courtesy of my daughter

My current living quarters, houses our very first play in an entire room dedicated to toys and play things. In the past, I have made creative use of a wall, a nook (seriously, in one house a converted entryway was our play room!) or a piece of furniture to stand in for a play room.

Baskets fitted into a TV stand, a dresser or armoire turned into a play station, a row of baskets along a wall, under the crib storage buckets...are some of the ways I have created or have seen an impromptu play room made.

*How about you? What's your creative toy storage or play room?


christy said...

for awhile we had bunk beds, but didn't use the top for sleeping. instead, we hung striped plain sheets, that matched the room, from the ceiling and then used the new area for storage! great for anyone has room up top!

Andry said...

Its looking fine, you can find more Storage here…..