Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Play Room

corner "a" in our playroom

our home is blessed with a decent sized play area, AND it's hidden from view because it's located in the basement. the big drawback: nobody sees the mess, so it doesn't get cleaned! well, i guess it sometimes does, but we are trying to fix that! i have plans in place, and choose one depending on how our week is going with the family:

1. clean the play room on monday. it's great to start the week off fresh! use any "open" day at your house.
2. everyone picks up 10 things, or 2 "groups" (ie. all the legos) of toys and puts them away. do this at least once a week, and more if it's feasible.

it is too hard in our home to clean up the crazy room everyday. i'm sure some of you can handle that. sometimes we race to see who can finish first, sometimes we sing while we work, and sometimes i watch the kids do it alone. ok, i fold laundry while they pick up. my family will actually use the playroom if it's not in disaster mode. and isn't that why we have one?

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