Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random Tips From Your Kindness

today's tip comes from me! i recently read (in women's health) that you can get a price adjustment from 30 DAYS after your purchase! WOW! how to do it:

*enter the item's amazon link and your email address in to Price Watch at, and you'll get an email if the price drops within a month.

sweet. also found some other handy info to check out for a great deal, before you buy! this reminds me (as does a recent friend email) about the importance of price adjustments. i hope all of you know about this and use it, but if you need a refresher here it is:

*check the back of your receipt or call the store you have in mind and ask if they do price adjustments, and if they do how long you have.
*most stores offer 7 days, like old navy. but sometime kick it up a notch like gap and target with 14 days.
*go the LAST DAY to make sure you get all the markdowns possible!
*if you buy online, you just call it in, or mail it in. that is way too easy.
*beware of loopholes that work for you OR against you. sometimes using a coupon means you forfeit the right to a price adjustment. sometimes you get to use that coupon and STILL get a price adjustment. my fave!

right now, there are screamin' summer deals all over the place, and if you registered your email with your fave stores, then you should also have a pocketfull of coupons right now to use on those sale items. shopping is soo much work! but defiintely worth getting a $60 dress for $6.99!

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The Favorite said...

You are so great at finding deals! I'm glad that you told us about this because I was wondering when you mentioned something when we were running- good to know!