Friday, October 10, 2008

Candy Corn Decor

This Halloween decoration is so so easy! Buy some candy corn, fill a clear container with the sugary sweets, and done! You probably should buy some extra candy corn though since snacking hands just might sneak into this tasty decoration.

For extra fall flair, add some leafless branches!

For some learning fun, have your kids or hubby or guests guess how many pieces are in a jar. Then give a prize to the person with the closest guesstimate!


Dana said...

my mom would make these awesome lampshades. Different holidays, etc. When you turn the light on you can see more pictures, totally cool. Anyway, for halloween she went me one, with the jar full of candy corn, while I was at college. All my roommates and their friends were eating them! So much for decor... :-)

Kristin Joy said...
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