Tuesday, October 7, 2008


this little ghostie has been getting crafted for at least as long as i have been a part of the halloween tradition, so it's probably not new to you. BUT every so often i forget about these little treats and i was thinking maybe one of you have too!

the directions and necessary items are fairly simple and straight forward:

gather a tootsie pop, about 6 inches of narrow ribbon, a fine tip black marker, and two pieces of kleenex. place tootsie in the center of the tissues, wrap around the wrapper and tie ribbon at the base of the sucker. draw a ghoulish face and DONE!

we were about to make these a bit fancier this year by using real material, but i had that cut and ready for another project and it turned out to be too small. sad, no fancy ghosties for you!
however, these are easy enough that my 2 year old was able to participate (after realizing that she should keep the wrapper on, and not suck the tootsie prior to placing the tissues over it!) and you might just have all the materials laying around! these are excellent hung with fishing line in your windows, or outside in your trees (the more the better!) and ours are going to be hung in a new place this year: a spooky halloween "tree", that will be seen here later in the week!


Dana said...

we used to make these when we were kids, and then my mom would pass them out on Halloween night!

Leah said...

Oh I used to love those! My mom would make them but without the sucker, she'd just use a wadded up tissue for the head part. Fond memories! :)