Friday, October 24, 2008

Zip Tip!

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Today for our Zip Tip, I am offering some newly acquired information. Sad, to say that it goes directly with our service theme for the month. A lovely friend sent me this, from another and Lizzy and I wanted to share it with you in hopes that you might feel compelled to do something to help out.
The sad story is this:

i recently found out that a reader's close friend just became a single mother of five all under the age of 10. i don't know the circumstances and i don't care to know because i don't need to in order to give... i cannot imagine doing that day in and day out.

this mother is going through school right now to be licensed to run a day care out of her home. she is living off grants and selling her personal effects to get by. her family is not really in a position to help too much...

she is currently in dire need of girls clothing sizes 4 and 6 and 18 months. she has older boys around the age of 8, but any clothing can be used as hand-me-down's. and i would add, perhaps a little pick me up for her. something simple. something homemade. maybe just a card or a piece of candy (take it from your halloween stash).
from the blog written by mrs.r. (please feel free to head over there and read it)

How horrible to be in that mother in this situation, and we are asking that if any of you feel that distinct pull to help out that you either email Lizzy and I at OR contact mrs. r at her email: She or we, will give you the name and address neccessary to help. Please think of this family today and add them to your thoughts and prayers. And please give thanks that you are blessed with what you have. I know Lizzy and I are.

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