Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gift Craft: Body Scrub

image @ fromnaturewithlove.com

i love soft skin. i really do. and i am thinking maybe you know someone else who does too? someone who might like a gift? get in the kitchen a whip up a batch of fabulous sugar scrub, and you are set to pamper people you know! here's the skinny:

* equal parts oil and sugar (or salt)
* essential oil in a fragrance that smells yummy!
*pretty jar to put it in

I use a light olive oil, but rapeseed is great as is almond oil. You want something that is not overpowering in the smell department. Then use sugar or salt. Turbinado or granulated are both excellent choices, and salt is a tiny bit finer and thus a little smoother for the scrub. Just remember the larger the granule, the rougher the scrub will end up being. All will work well. And about 1 cup of each is perfect for a decent sized jar. Just mix the ingredients in a medium bowl and add several drops of essential oil (you can skip the scent if you'd like). I love citrusy scents and ones that smell like dessert!


I am certain that there are lots of lovely containers out there, but my fave is the newer ball jar with the super sleek platinum lid. Very crisp and looks finished without a lot of fuss. However, add your own flair with a ribbon and a sweet tag explaining that the recipient should: scoop up, then scrub it up in the shower, and rinse. Revealing that baby soft skin that everyone loves!

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