Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random Tips From Your Kindness

We have a tasty tip today from Eliza. She suggests going to to buy gift certificates for your holidays (or just for you!). I just checked them out and I am totally giving this two thumbs way up! Here's the deal:

* go to the website
* enter your zipcode
*choose from many restaurants in your area
* buy a gift card for a steal. for example you can get a $25 gift card for only $10! or a $10 card for $3!

I think the best part, at least for the areas I already checked, is the restaurants are GOOD! 4 and 5 star joints. This is not for fast food, it is for real food. Serious people, this might be my fave tip so far this year. I definitely know how to plan my next date night...


Rachel and Tyler said...

Usually you have to spend some money on top. For example if you buy a 25 dollar gift certificate you can only use it if you spend 35. There are a few other restrictions but still a very good deal. They have specials too. On Halloween they were 80% off so I bought a bunch that were .60 cents and 2 dollars (great for gifts and they are good for a year.)

Rachel said...

Great tip!

The Favorite said...

YES!! Possible might be favorite tip this year came from me :)
I love it and I also love running / joggin with you girls.