Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Traditions

After our second child arrived, I thought it was high time that Glenn and I started a few of our own Christmas traditions. One of them, is to give books as a sort of advent calendar. I wrap up 24 different Christmas-y type books, some purchased and others borrowed from the library. Then each day the kids take turns choosing and unwrapping a book. Then of course we read it together. My kids range from 10 down to 2, so I have a variety of types under the tree to keep them interested. The book always read on Christmas Eve is "Twas the Night Before Christmas". A perfect classic. Some of our fave's include:

*"Dream Snow" by Eric Carle

* "I Spy-Christmas"

* "Snowmen at Christmas" by Caralyn Buehner

I am still scouting around titles for this year's new book, and I am open to your suggestions! Also, Lizzy and I want to hear you traditions too!! So, email them to us, and we start sharing them next week.


Shepherd Family ACAL said...

Thanks for the recommendations, I am always looking for new kid book recommendations! Thanks!

Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

We do this tradition too (stolen from Christy). My favorite books are song books, especially Santa Claus Is Comin To Town, illustrated by Steven Kellogg.

And we love The Grinch too!