Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sibling Crafts

If you have crafty, or even semi-crafty kids, then let them create wall art for their siblings or cousins as holiday gifts. My favorite way to do this is by picking up one of the many sizes of art canvases from your local craft supply (don't forget to use a coupon) and get some paint, if you have run out of that. Then either offer guidance or let your kids go crazy! Last week my kids painted 2 canvases. I chose the colors, and had each of them paint a different layer. For example, on one, the boys painted messy lime-colored circles, very randomly. Then Ciela, painted a bare bones tall building with lots of windows, in black. Haven finished it off with spots of pink in some of the windows. Tons of fun, and a great gift for any age!


potentenum said...

Yes, I've had a similar experience! And I guarantee that they'll love it <3

Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

i picked up several canvases this morning for gifts! thanks christy!