Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy January


Happy January! We have a fun month planned with lots of sharing from both Lizzy and I, and of course we always love to hear from YOU as well! Here is the rundown for this month:

*sharing our fave's! (fave products, recipes, past postings etc)
*starting a new tradition around here: the monthly service act
*still answering your questions, and sharing your advice

Each week Lizzy and I will share our favorite "somethings" with you, and we'd love for you to comment or email us your fave's of the same topic, and we will share those each friday with all the readers. Then, and I am super excited about this, each month starting with January, we will post a service project idea/charity organization that we as the tipspot family will try to help out with. If you decide to participate in any way, email us with your stories, and pic's and at the end of the month we will share them with everyone here on the tipspot. We really want to help you guys get organized and get some more giving out there to people who need or don't expect it. And to show your appreciation, you might just win a prize! This month I will be donating one of the products I love as the giveaway (more info on that later on), and hopefully each month we will have something to offer as a bit of an incentive to try and help some people out a little more than usual. We are open to those items, and if you have a product you make and would like to offer it as a giveaway, email us! We'd love to spotlight some new mom's with a crafty flair. Or if you have a new product you would like to donate to the cause, that you think is fantastic, that is perfectly excellent as well! Yea for the New Year, and yea for you readers too!

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