Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kindergarten Box

Once my daughter began bringing home, art projects, journals, and class work galore, all equally adored by her; I knew I needed to find a way to tackle the kindergarten keepsakes. I located a photo box I had stashed away, sharpied on her name, school year, and teacher's name and started her first memory box.

Now when turkeys, pumpkin poems and hand print art comes home, it gets hung on the project wall for a bit then Afton and I choose a few special pieces to keep in her box.


Lucky Me! said...

I do the same thing and then at the end of the school year I plan on taking photos of each special piece or scanning it and making a book out of the photos using This way the work is still saved and remembered in book form taking up far less space. :) My son is only in preschool and our box is getting pretty full.

gina said...

I do the same thing kind of- the girls each have an under the bed plastic sweater box and it's called their "memory box"- they decide what treasures they store, and I add a couple of favorites of my choosing too. I like to tuck cards they've made me in secretly- someday I think their kids would like to see what their mom did for her mom.