Friday, March 7, 2008

Coupon classic

Everyone has to buy groceries.  We might as well save a coupon bucks when we do.  Thanks to the internet, finding and clipping coupons can be free and very fast.  Check out these sites before your next grocery trip:

Printable Coupons Blog.  I like that you can choose your coupon category

Coupon Surfer.  If you frequent this site, all you need to click on is the New Coupons link for a quick browse.

Retail Me Not, is a great site for online coupons and free shipping codes.  I use this every time I shop online (which is often since we don't have much retail in my city) and find a coupon to use 99% of the time!

There are lots more sites out there, but I like that these 3 don't require any kind of registration.  Just click, click and print.


Sarah said...

You might also want to check out this site:

Apparently they also do a lot of blogging about Target and their "secret sales." I saw an article about it in this Sunday's Buffalo News:

Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

thanks for sharing Sarah!