Monday, March 10, 2008

Easter Treat!

This Easter, instead purchasing a wicker or plastic basket, head on over here for these bright and cheerful enamel-coated, galvanized 2 quart buckets. At under $4, they are a great price, and they come in nearly every color from red to silver. The best part about these happy buckets, is you don't need to put them away after the Easter eggs have been gathered. In our house we use these buckets at "clean-up" time. Each child has her own, that is carried from room to room in a scavenger-hunt of sorts for items that belong in her room. My kids love having their own "special" bucket, and it seems to help cleaning up toys and other messes be a bit more positive. They can also be used to plant indoor flower bulbs, store candy, or a resting place for colored pencils. Quite honestly, there are so many ideas for these cute containers and you can purchase a plastic lid for only 99 cents, which makes them practically limitless!

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Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

so excited to buy some today!