Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fast Fun with Straws

This month's issue of Family Fun, featured an activity called constrawction. Basically, building with straws. I loved the idea so I picked up a box of flexy straws for our miscellaneous craft box. Today we pulled out the straws to scratch our 4:00 itch with.

Afton made some flat designs

We worked together to squeeze straws inside each other to make a long straw

And we tried "pushing" different objects with the straws.

We also found out that straws make great flying airplanes, are fun to bend back and forth (at least my 2-year old thought so), and are super easy to clean up! If your child (or you) wants to build a more elaborate structure, bend a straw in half, and cut a slit that other straws can be passed though (this is from the Family Fun article which isn't on their website).

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The Favorite said...

I am really excited about this new blog site. That is such a fun idea of things to do with straws. Low budget, fun, my kind of thing. Thanks!