Monday, March 17, 2008

Green Tips and Treats

(shamrock shake, photo from

St. Patrick's Day is usually an improvised holiday at our house. I don't really think about the plans for fun until I wake up. If you're like me, here are a few FUN and FAST things you can do with your family.

1. Bring on the shamrocks and green food coloring for eating time.
2. Make this yummy yummy Shamrock Shake from Covetier. I grabbed this ingredients at Target for our green treat. My kiddies don't eat potatoes, beef or jello. And I think this is going to be way tastier!
4. Keep the kids busy in another room while the leprechauns stop by for a visit. Turn a few chairs upside down, scatter some toys and hide a pot (or bowl) with some gold coins (pennies) for the kids to find.
5. We'll be painting our fresh snow green with green water in spray bottles this afternoon for some more quick St. Paddy's fun.

(we also honor the Daddy of the house today since his name is Patrick. My kids think he is the reason for the special holiday! If you have a Patrick in your world, give him a green greeting.)


Cafe Johnsonia said...

YUM. I was thinking about that shake all day yesterday.

Coveiter said...


I know it has been a while, but how did the shake turn out? Ours were yummy! Thanks for posting and I hope you enjoyed the recipe.

{ Lindsey }