Monday, March 31, 2008

Safe and Warm

so, one of my excellent sister-in-laws passed this tip onto me a few weeks ago. it is amazing!
everyone should know how important it is to clean out your dryer's lint trap. i mean this in not new info, right? but what we have been forgetting is to WASH out the trap! i know, it sounds a bit crazy, but worth the few minutes. apparently a "film" layer of sorts develops from using softeners and dryer sheets, and that blocks the vents in the dryer lint trap, which can lead to all sorts of problems! the heating unit in the dryer is the most common and most expensive part that needs replacing, and really cleaning your lint trap is the #1 way to avoid that. and who hasn't heard all the scary stories of house fires starting from your dryer? if you are sufficiently worried, here are the directions:

*remove lint trap, and lint as usual
*place trap under running hot water
*notice how the water can't run through all the tiny holes very well, or at all
*you might need to use a "scrubby" brush of sorts to get all the film off
*when water runs through entire trap clear, you are done!
*replace in your dryer

i didn't need a brush for mine, but i did run the water for 5 or so minutes. i am lazy, and i didn't want to look for a tool. i have already noticed a difference in drying times, and i quite honestly have been blessed with a totally efficient and lovely dryer, so i really wasn't expecting to see a difference in that area. so. ladies go save your family some $ and make them safer at the same time!

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