Thursday, April 17, 2008

Call Me Crazy!

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there is a pretty good chance that you might think i am old-fashioned when it comes to my kids parties, because i actually like to give them myself. i am not knocking the chuck-e parties or delegating your party to the neighborhood party place, because i see the benefits there. i really do. but when there is a budget (small) i think you can give the most party for your buck right in your own home. first, use lizzie's tips, and start early. especially if you know you need the time (like we do) to get it all organized. then use some of these excellent ideas to guide you on your way to party paradise!

* have your child come up with ideas for themes or games to narrow down your list.

this year caleb wanted a robot party. i thought that was pretty cool, but as we were searching the internet for cute cake ideas he saw a lego cake, and suddenly we were having a lego party! even better!

*search online for ideas for games, crafts, treats, and decorations. there are soooo many sites, just google your ideas and you will have a plethora of answers to choose from. in case you need a push, try or or

*think outside the box

maybe, your child wants to have a pinata, but those require a knife and a bomb of sorts to open so go for a different FUN candy option. let's say you are having a luau/mermaid/pirate etc. party, decorate a box or styrofoam cooler to look like a treasure chest, make maps (complete with the "x" to the spot) and head out on a booty hunt! if you must have a pinata, make one with your child which serves 2 purposes: craft time and now you can GET to the candy without harming a small child!

*don't be a rockstar by yourself, ask another mom or 2 to help out, especially if you are having loads of kids, or even invite families to the party for younger children


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The Favorite said...

I love this blog! Thank you for throwing parties yourself. I do that too. The kids love it no matter what they do and there are so many fun and easy things to do!