Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hello April

April 1 is one of my favorite days of the year.  My first child was born 5 years ago today.  We had a delightful day celebrating her entrance into her fifth year of life.  
And it's time for new TIP TOPICS over here at The Tip Spot.  In April, Christy and I will zero in on...da da duh dum...

POTTY TRAINING: everyone has something to say on this topic and we fully expect contributions from you.  You might even  be rewarded for your fierce advice.  Hint, hint.

BUDGETING: If you're getting a little soft on your monthly allotments (okay doughy soft), we'll give you (and ourselves!!) some guidance to get back on track.

BIRTHDAY BASHES: Christy is a very underpaid party planner.  Her birthday parties are coveted.  These tips and tricks that will get you jazzed for the next birthday in your household!

We are super excited to dig into our second month at The Tip Spot.  Thanks for spreading the word about our little outlet.  Keep it up!!8


Dick&Erica said...

All of those subjects are things I desperately need help with. Can't wait to see what's coming.

Any advice on moving a two-year-old to a big girl bed would be helpful too...hint hint.

kelly said...

I wish I had advice to share on the potty training but alas I'm entering this scary zone for teh first time and this is exactly the thing I was hoping you'd get to soon - I'm anxiously waiting :)!