Monday, March 31, 2008

Love It!

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ok, so i quite rarely watch any kind of morning show, but today i popped on rachel ray for a few moments, and i have been freaking out ever since! well, atleast about this cool product they were talking about! you guys have all seen, and probably have those vinyl words on a board or a wall at home, but check out these super cool images that you can get for nearly every surface in your home. on rachel ray they put an excellent funky flower design on the dishwasher (who doesn't need a cooler dishwasher?) but you can put them on your walls, fridge, windows etc. and for those of us who still don't own their home, they can COME OFF! so, dress up your home your way, and not get punished from your landlords when you leave. there are so many designs and tons of colors to choose from too! they're fairly affordable especially if you aren't looking to do an entire room, but just a wall, or an appliance or two. i cannot decide what design i am getting, but rest assured my dishwasher and one of my bedroom walls will be lovely as soon as i choose...


kristenita said...

I have been in love with these wall stickers for 2 years now. I just can't decide on a design (or 4) to buy... totally what I need to solve my white-wall-no-painting-allowed-depression. thanks for sharing this site, I didn't know this one & they have awesome choices, don't they!!

other cool stickies available at:

Dick&Erica said...

I lovey love love this! I think my dishwasher is screaming for a makeover too.