Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just A Taste of What We Do

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lizzie and i wanted to share a few party themes that we have thrown just in case you are looking for a great idea!

*trains: ate train cookies, made "choo choo" shirts as party favors, played pin the # on the train (age of child)
*pirates and mermaids: a 2 sibling party with all of their friends, treasure maps and hunted for a treasure chest filled with "loot bags", treat was a sand cake (think dirt cake with lighter colored pudding and cookies, and chocolate seashells shoved into the "sand") served in a sand pail
*ice cream party: send home homemade ice cream as favors, along with a super cute bowl and spoon,

*legos: LOTS of lego games, lego cake, invites had a small flat lego glued on to the front
*an "almost-over" party: girlies came over late and stayed late, but didn't sleep over, changed into pj's half-way through, made reverse dyed t-shirts as take home favors, plenty of silly question quizzes, and lots of junk food
*1 singular sensation party: celebrating the first birthday, tiny guests performed little talents, #1 cookies

*bug hunting party: outside! set up your tent for the "room", search for bugs and race them, serve bug "dirt" mountain cake with lotsa plastic critters
*"c" party: or your child's first letter, treats with "c", cookies and cupcakes, decorate with cyan colored streamers and ballons, hang C's everywhere
*rodeo!: ask guests to come dressed up like cowboys/girls, rubber band gun shooting, spread hay on the porch and hide the take home favors then let the kids search for it and pass out bandanas to tie-up like a bag, serve hot cider and doughnuts as treats
*tea party: girls come in fancy clothes, serve tea/cocoa/juice with fancy cookies as treats, pass out awards (a different 1 for each girl) for the attire, have special pictures taken with the birthday girl and each guest as a take-home

these are just a few of the parties we have given, and just a taste of what we have done during them. as mentioned earlier on, get creative with your ideas, and don't forget to have your kids help, they have great and CRAZY ideas!

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