Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Super Shiny Paint and Painting Your Own Cookies

image courtesy of nestle.com

we have 2 more excellent painting mediums today! the first is condensed milk paint:

*1 cup condensed milk
*food coloring

mix in a bowl, keep adding coloring until the correct shade is reached. this paint is also edible, but not really intended for that purpose. it dries to a high gloss. very shiny!

image courtesy of sxc.hu

this next paint, egg yolk paint, can be used on paper OR to paint on sugar cookies before they are baked! for each color you will need:

*small bowl
*1 egg yolk
*1/4 teaspoon water
*food coloring

mix each color in each seperate bowl, add the desired food coloring, and now you can paint cool pictures on your mother's day cookies! both of these recipe's were from the toddler's busy book! we so love that book!

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