Sunday, April 6, 2008

Make Your Own Paint: Jello and Popsicles

I totally spaced another fabulous Tip Topic for April... MAKE YOUR OWN PAINT. We love painting at our house and tend to fly through it pretty quick. So get ready for a super list of DIY paint in mediums that will keep the creativity flowing but not the cash.

First up, Jello and Popsicle painting. I discovered this in my all time favorite fun book, The Toddler's Busy Book, and have found ways to make it fun (and sane) for my two year old and five year old. The gist: sprinkle dry jello on paper, then use a water popsicle to turn the granules into paint.

Little kids are happy watching the colors appear, bigger kids love to mix two or three colors, and of course eating the paintbrush is the most fun of all!

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