Sunday, April 6, 2008

Budgeting away your guilt

On your last trip to Target, did you pick up something for YOU then justify squeezing it into the grocery budget? A great way to banish the guilt of little indulgences is to create a personal allotment for your self (and spouse) each month. This works best if it is separate from any other portion of your budget. And the best part is that there aren't any rules...well except for that tiny part about sticking to the number.

You get to spend it however you please (and so does your counterpart) without any side glances, explanation or whining. My money minded friend Tara made this tip even better by cluing me into the accruing aspect. Whatever amount isn't spent at the end of the month (that will not ever happen to me) can roll over to the next month.

Whether it's five, fifteen, or fifty bucks...Having your very own cash to blow makes budgeting a bit more tolerable!

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