Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Potty Party!

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when it came time to potty train kid #3 and boy #2, i was ready for just about anything. i decided to try a modified version of the Dr. Phil method.
i encouraged lots of fluids, purchased noise makers and party masks (instead of the hats) & had a "potty party" every time caleb made it to the toilet in time. we also tried having him repeat 10x getting to the toilet properly when he had an accident, but after a couple days he just got angry. we used just our regular toilet, as caleb wanted only what the big kids were using. after a couple weeks he was trained, but it took a lot of patience with this method, & positive reinforcement was the key for cabes! it might have worked better and quicker had i followed the entire plan! sorry this is so huge the blog won't listen to me!

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Camille said...

Hi! i love your blog. One of my friends gave me your link. I just wanted to share with you one of my potty training ideas that goes along with the potty party! Me and my daughter made music shakers out of toilet paper rolls filled with rice. we decorated them with cute paper and ribon. Everytime she went on the toilet we would have a "poorade" (parade)
I have pictures of them if you are interested. They are way cute! email me