Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reducing the plastic in your life

Simply put, plastic is bad, bad, bad...and getting worse for you, me and our lovely earth. But it's so convenient. How to lessen the dependence plastic in your life?

  • Stop accepting plastic bags to tote your purchases. Ask for paper or bring your own bags.
  • Use reusable containers for travel snacks and leftovers.
  • Sometimes you just need a ziploc bag...but don't toss it, wash 'em out and use again and again and again.
  • Turn yogurt containers into play kitchen food, use those little applesauce bowls for snack time and bath play.
  • Buy used toys. Saving money and mother earth is a double awesome!
  • Recycle plastic bags. FYI a lot of plastic bags are recyclable (produce, bread, just check the bottom for info)
  • Recycle plastic cartons and containers. If your area doesn't have a curbside pick up, check our your state government website and find a drop off center.
For more info on WHY plastic isn't the greatest check here...
For excellent product alternatives and other safety in food/home/life tips go to here
Want to know if the plastic in your home is BPA free? Check this list.

How are you kicking plastic to the curb?

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kristenita said...

another tip that I have heard
(but always forget to do) is to take your own containers to restaurants for your left-over takeout!

I have switched to these amazing non-evil-plastic water bottles: sigg bottles. but I purchased mine cheap here.