Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reusable Bags 101

I love the idea of reusable bags. Know what I don't love? The cost. I'm really not going to pay $5-8 for one bag...when I need 5 to hold my weekly groceries. feels good to say that out loud!

Lucky me (and you!) there are some great, inexpensive options out there:

Check your grocery store for the 99 cent bag. I picked up some of these at Trader Joes and love them. Not super stylin', but cheap and meeting the purpose.

If you're feeling adventurous, make your own. I think these two ideas from Martha Stewart are fairly easy and cute.

The T-Shirt bag. I'm so making these! I have a pile of cast off XXL tees from my hubby that will be perfect for this project. Fine directions and details here.

The pillowcase bag. A great way to use old pillowcases (or clearance ones!). I'm thinking this would make a great church bag for my daughter. Head on over here to find out how to make yours.

If you just want to buy some inexpensive bags check out Tans Club for a dozen basic cotton totes for $9.00 (and then let your kids loose with some fabric markers). Amazon has a good selection too. Also check your local craft store for basic bags that can be embellished or used as is.


christy said...

ok, so because i am your sister i have to love all your ideas, but this one is the BEST ever!!! i refuse to spend $ on your grocery bags, they are free at the store and i reuse ever single one that i bring home, BUT i have been thinking of reducing my plastic use, And i have soooo many t-shirts that i don't get rid of because i am a saver, & now i know what i was saving for! also definitely going to make the pillowcase bag-there is also a pillowcase dress for toddler girls also from martha, and beyond darling. loving that since ciela was 6!

Shepherd Family ACAL said...

I have my Wegman's bags... Now if I could just remember to stick them back in the car before my next grocery trip!

Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

Leaving the bags in your car helps with remembering them.

Thanks for the love sis!

kristenita said...

can you get lots of groceries in the tshirt bags? the opening looks small-ish. I will totally try this, though! thanks.
chantel - you will get used to bringing your bags in over time. yes, leave them in your car - on the passenger seat until you get the hang of it! now I bring them everywhere. they get really confused at walmart & wonder how I am buying wegmans bags... (eye roll) I just explain IT IS A REUSABLE BAG & feel proud of myself for saving the planet a little bit.